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We had to act fast in order to meet our lead commitments to the field. Three months later, on the back of a smart, creative campaign, our sales team was thrilled with a 135% increase in qualified leads.


  • Toronto-based technology channel partner, selling a wide range of manufactured data-centre equipment and hardware, including enclosures, power bars and accessories.
  • Marketing was behind in its lead commitments to the field sales team and needed to generate highly targeted leads in a short time frame.


We conducted a short, accelerated campaign focused on generating leads using a giveaway and a popular whitepaper:
  • We designed a contest and giveaway promoted to an industry community very popular with our target audience.
  • Prizes were highly contextual and practical for the audience, demonstrating our client’s expertise and insights into the needs of its customers.
  • We developed a series of ads and a landing page with form to promote the contest and capture leads.
  • The contest itself ran for 30 days, with the entire campaign conceived and concluded within 90 days.




  • 54 marketing qualified leads generated in 30 days. This was a 135% increase over regular lead generation activities at that time.
  • This pilot paved the way for an even more successful run of the same contest on Linkedin, which generated 106 MQL / 29 SQL in just 30 days.

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